What to do when somebody passes away?

It is easy to get overwhelmed when somebody passes away as there are so many things to think of, like:

  • making calls to family and friends
  • choosing a funeral director
  • choosing a church
  • choosing clothing
  • arranging the funeral and the wake etc.

But once all of that is done, you will need to make an appointment to see a lawyer to go through the Will. Now if there is not a will, that is a different process and will be covered another day.

On the executors behalf, the lawyer may also need to apply for something called Probate. This is where paperwork is submitted to the Supreme Court so the assets of the deceased can be distributed to where they need to go. 

The Probate process at a minimum usually takes around 6 months but could be longer if things need to be sold. 

There is also a time frame when applying for Probate which is 6 months after death so make sure you book your appointment with the lawyer before this as otherwise there will be some extra steps needed in the application.  

If this is something you need assistance with now, please reach out to us and we will guide you through the process. 

*** Information correct at the time of posting.